Distorted Reflection

20 February 2008

A walk in Regents Park.

London, Regent Park 20/02/08, 1PM, D300, lens Sigma 70-200mm F/2.8 G with Tele converter 2X, 400mm 1/800 sec, F/5.6, ISO 400.

We are still in Regents Park. The weather was not really nice this time. I felt an austere atmosphere when I saw this picture. In order to accentuate this feeling I have added a filter of large grains. Without the whole body of this girl, this photo is mysterious and cold, ... I like it.


19 February 2008

A Gull in Regents Park.

London, Regent Park 19/02/08, 12:30PM, D300, lens Sigma 70-200mm F/2.8 G, 200mm 1/1000 sec, F/4.5, ISO 200.

This time the picture was taken in Regents Park, close to the nests of the grey herons. I tried to follow the flight of birds when I kept this one. With the trees and the sky for background, there is a nice relief in this picture.

Regents Park is an extraordinary area for taking pictures of birds. You can find lots of different species.


17 February 2008

What is the name of this bird?

Paris, 30/04/05, 3:30PM, D70, lens Nikkor 70-300mm F/4-5.6 D, 300mm 1/200 sec, F/5.6, ISO 200.

It was a sunny day; I was walking in Saint James's Park and watching the wildlife there. You may see lots of common species of birds although I didn't know this one.

In fact this is one of the most frequent in London parks. You will find it easily in Hyde Park, Regents Park, Victoria Park etc … This is a Starling, I need to go back to my primary school lesson on wildlife.


11 February 2008


Paris, 21/02/05, 4:30PM, D70, lens Nikkor 70-300mm F/4-5.6 D, 300mm 1/160 sec, F/5.6, ISO 200.

In the museum Centre Pompidou in Paris, the access to the main gallery is at the top of an outdoor escalator. At this point you can see roofs and the main buildings of the city. It is interesting because you can also see people walking in the square at the bottom of the museum where there are important street art activities.

I like this photo because in this place where there are thousands of people this person was alone.


09 February 2008

Leg in Motion

Paris, 12/02/05, 5:45PM, D70, lens Nikkor 70-300mm F/4-5.6 D, 145mm 1/60 sec, F/4.5, ISO 200.

I was sitting on the stairs of the opera Garnier in Paris with my camera focussing on the people when I saw this woman. I followed her steps from one sidewalk to another of the street. She was really dynamic. I thought that she was late for her shopping …


03 February 2008

Roofs of Paris

Paris, 02/01/05, 5PM, D70, lens Nikkor 70-300mm F/4-5.6 D, 155mm 1/640 sec, F/6.3, ISO 200.

This was at the beginning of the sunset after a shower. This winter light was warm.

I walked on an old railway from Bastille to Vincennes transformed into a track for pedestrians. In this way at 8 meters from the ground you can see the Roof of Paris.