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Distorted Reflection is my vision of things and people around me. In this website you will find some of my works and reflections.

In the Photography section I have archived the pictures I published each month. The Reflections section is more like my blog.

I hope you will have a good time visiting this website.


(c) Copyright Olivier Pourteau 2006 - 2011

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25 July 2012



Photographer: Olivier Pourteau

Model: Alycia B

18 July 2012

Famous fashion photographers

Today I was looking for examples of fashion shoots. I found this webpage that lists famous some fashion photographers.

03 January 2012

Shadow and light

Removing the colours of this photo has accentuated its mystery.


Photographer: Olivier Pourteau

Model: Claire Evans

17 December 2011

Nude into the shadow

This photo doesn't seem to be a real one but a charcoal. From this shoot I have selected several photos. I will publish the next ones soon.


Photographer: Olivier Pourteau

Model: Claire Evans

14 December 2011

Dancer in photographic studio

I love the curve that the model took for this shoot. It seemed natural and spontaneous.


Photographer: Olivier Pourteau

10 December 2011

A freezing walk

This morning the weather was sunny with fresh air. This was a perfect weather for a walk in forest. The light, just above the trees, was perfect to see the white frost.


Photographer: Olivier Pourteau

09 December 2011

All the pictures I have lost!

When I take the tube everyday I am watching people around me. I find people really amazing. Sometime I think that I should ask them if they would be happy to be model for a free photo shoot. But each time I tell me that they would find me creasy. Perhaps one day I will ask. There are also people with interesting default or for which the time has left some marks but in these cases I think that they would be upset if I tell them that I want to take their face in picture!

02 January 2010

Herb Ritts

Glamour photography

Herbert Ritts (August 13, 1952 – December 26, 2002) was an American fashion photographer who concentrated on black-and-white photography and portrait in the style of classical Greek sculpture. Consequently some of his more famous pieces are of male and female nudes in what can be called glamour photography.

Herb Ritts Foundation

20 December 2009

Irving Penn

Classical elegance and cool minimalism

His photographs are defined by the elegant simplicity and meticulous rigor that became the trademarks of his style.

Masters of fine art photography - Irving Penn

19 December 2009

Helmut Newton

Erotic-urban style

He established a particular style marked by erotic, stylised scenes, often with sado-masochistic and fetishistic subtexts.

Helmut Newton Foundation

18 December 2009

The Fashion Photography

Be inspired:

This is the key to find a photographic style. The inspiration need to be stimulated by some ideas or portfolios of eminent professionals. I have listed below some famous fashion photographers and I will study their photographic style and comment them in this section.

Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Albert Watson, Bill Silano, Ara Gallant, Herb Ritts, Matthew Rolston, Ruven Afanador, Mario Sorrenti, Patrick Demarchelier, Steven Meisel, Nick Kinght, Paolo Roversi, Deborah Turbeville, Bruce Weber, Andrea Giacobbe, Bill King, Sarah Moon, Peter Lindberg, Steve Hiett.

04 May 2009

An encounter

She was slim. her arms covered her breasts like she was cold. She looked me like she was waiting for me for a while.

I was now close enough to feel her odour and the warm of her skin. I was taken aback of her presence in this darkness, in the hell of this corridor.

Without a world she was watching my face, learning every imperfection of my skin. She touched my face, feeling each relieve.

I could not speak, my mouth was locked. The scene was intense; I did not want to move worrying to stop her.

After a long moment, she said she did not want I leave her alone anymore.

I was really confused, first I did not know where and when I was then I found an amazing creature who wanted to stay with me.

I through I was dreaming and I was going to wake up soon.

01 January 2009

In the hell of this corridor

At the beginning, it’s black.

My first thought was there is nothing here. I was walking in an area without light, I was feeling for walls with my hands. The only noise I heard was my steps on the floor.

I saw a light far away. At first I was surprised and I took the direction of the light, then my eyes got use to this.

It was not black anymore but dark; there was not enough light to define the area. It was cold. I felt the loneliness here. This was a strange atmosphere. I was alone, somewhere I did not know, following a small light. What the time was, I had no idea!

I was still walking, the light was bigger, I started to get an image of the place where I was. It was somewhere like a factory without workers anymore. I could distinguish the real from the shadow. There was someone under the light. I did not see any movement. It was a woman on a bed sheet on the floor. She was nude.

I walked slowly. I focused on this lifeless body, I thought she was dead.

I was close to the light area. The atmosphere was warm. I have found someone else here. I looked at her body, her face, she was amazing. She was like a foetus with her arms close to her legs. She moved like someone who sleeps.

I stopped walking near her bed sheet, she opened her eyes.


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