Distorted Reflection

22 March 2008

Eiffel Tower Light

Eiffel Tower (Paris), 29/12/07, 11PM, D70, lens Sigma 70-200mm F/2.8G, 200mm 1/2.5 sec, F/8, ISO 640.

Here is artificial light; this is the bulb of Paris. This Urban light picture was taken from Saint-Cloud.

After the sunset, this jewel of Paris is illuminated at the beginning of each hour until 01AM.


08 March 2008

Fallow Deer in Richmond Park

Richmond Park (London), 09/09/06, 3PM, D70, lens Nikkor 70-300mm F/4-5.6 D, 300mm 1/500 sec, F/5.6, ISO 200.

We are not in Africa anymore but in England! Yes this photo was taken in Richmond Park. It was really amazing, I was front of a group of nearly 300 deer.

In this park in the south west of London close to Wimbledon there are 300 Red Deer and 350 Fallow Deer. This park is rich in flora and fauna.


02 March 2008

Zebra in the Okavango delta - Chitabe (Botswana)

Chitabe camp (Botswana), 20/04/07, 8AM, D70, lens Sigma 70-200mm F/2.8 G with Tele converter 2X, 360mm 1/500 sec, F/5.6, ISO 200.

This photo was taken during my trip in Botswana. I was in Chitabe camp, a reserve in the Okavango delta. This is a paradise for the wildlife (and photographers).

I could see this zebra in the morning while I was on a game. I stayed 20 minutes to admire the whole family. They were eating the grass in a safe place.