Distorted Reflection

16 May 2009


London, UK 21/04/09, 7PM, D300, Nikkor 17-55mm - 35mm 1/125s F/8 ISO 200.

The aim of this photo was to get a portrait outside a studio, the location was the stairs of a bulding. The background is over lighted by an additional spotlight.

07 May 2009


Charente Maritime, France 02/07/08, 5PM, D300, Sigma 70-200mm - 150mm 1/200s F/11 ISO 200.

This ear of wheat was out of the field. When I watched the landscape I could not focus on another component of this field. It seemed that because this ear was not well tidy it took the whole attention of the audition.

04 May 2009

An encounter

She was slim, her arms covering her breasts like if she was cold. She looked at me as if she had wait for me for a while.

I was now close enough to smell her odour and feel the warm of her skin. I was taken aback by her presence in this darkness, in the hell of this corridor.

Without a word she was watching my face, learning each relief of my skin. Slowly she touched my face feeling every imperfection.

I could not speak, my mouth was locked. The scene was intense; I did not want to move too worried she would stop.

After a long moment, she said she did not want me to leave her alone anymore.

I was really confused, first I did not know where and when I was then I found an amazing creature who wanted me to stay with me.

I thought I was dreaming and I was going to wake up soon.

02 May 2009

Subject in the Black

London, UK 21/04/09, 7PM, D300, Nikkor 17-55mm - 24mm 1/125s F/13 ISO 200.

The Model is Rachelle.

The aim of this shot was to get light only on Rachelle body, the background had to be in the dark.